SAP Consulting & Services


Leverage not only our extensive general SAP Consulting knowledge and our experience in many successful SAP implementation and SAP de-escalation projects during the last 12 years.

Furthermore take also advantage of the most experienced SAP implementation partner for SAP BusinessObjects Process Control, Management of Internal Controls and SAP BusinessObjects Risk Management.

Amplio First Clarity does offer an extraordinary set of standardized service offerings for a fixed price. For e.g. standardized service offerings for implementing SAP BusinesObjective Process Control and SAP BusinesObjective Risk Management.

Amplio First Clarity has considerable detailed knowledge of the following SAP Solutions:

  • SAP ERP Financials,
  • SAP BusinessObjects Access Control,
  • SAP BusinessObjects Process Control
  • SAP BusinessObjects Risk Management
  • SAP Management of Internal Control
  • SAP Data Migration (incl. LSMW)
  • general SAP-specific topics.

Amplio First Clarity does offer for an extraordinary set of standardized service offerings, such as

We also can provide you with an extensive network of consulting contacts covering many other aspects of SAP-specific and general IT-project implementation areas, such as

  • SAP Oil & Gas
  • SAP Lease Accounting
  • SAP CRM.

Contact us with specific details of your requirements. Please use the following ‘Contact Us’ link in order to receive more details.


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